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The Wellbeing team is focused upon the development and maintenance of student emotional wellbeing with the aim to support student learning. The Wellbeing team includes the Senior Executive staff, Head Teacher Wellbeing, Year Advisers, Boys and Girls Adviser, Learning and Support Teachers and Counsellors.

The Wellbeing team meets regularly to discuss wellbeing programs and student needs. The team accesses information from the ‘Tell Them From Me' survey, which is conducted annually, and school based data to determine student needs and develop programs accordingly. In doing so we access and develop student centred activities to meet the needs of individuals and groups. Each program is reviewed to enable a thorough evaluation on the impact of student wellbeing and the intended learning outcomes.

Programs coordinated by the team include whole school activities, group activities and individual support that are supported by trained Tuncurry Campus staff and inter agency supports.

In stage 4 the Wellbeing team conducts and supports transition from Year 6 into 7, runs the Year 7 Camp, Year 7 Girls Day Out and Boys Day Out, Green Bikes, the Boys Building Program and year group reward excursions. We also coordinate referrals to the Lions Camp Elim Getaway and Stewart House.

In stage 5, the team coordinates the Year 9 Gold Coast Excursion, Year 10 Graduation and Graduation Dinner, reward excursions, extension opportunities, placements at university holiday camps and referrals for the Young Endeavour.

Other programs on offer include Seasons for Growth, Homebase one on one case management, Homebase programs, Heart to Heart, PACE Program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and Rock and Water, lunch time boys and girls programs

Whole school activities focus around the development of understanding of the school's core expectations, anti-bullying, resilience, coping strategies and addressing all 5 essential elements of wellbeing.

The team works closely with staff, students, parents and external agencies to support and develop student's sense of wellbeing toward the goal of becoming a happy, healthy and resilient young adult. All staff at Tuncurry Campus are focussed upon the maintenance of student wellbeing to maximise student achievement.

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